Andre Marquis Bio

Andre Marquis is currently the Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley. He has a long record of starting successful biotechnology and IT ventures with a particular focus on winning in markets where scalability is critical. Two Web companies Mr. Marquis helped start became publicly traded and a third was acquired by amazon for over $190 million. The Chorus Group at Eli Lilly which he co-founded is a significant business model innovation that has dramatically speeded up and lowered the cost of drug development.

Prior to joining UC Berkeley he was a founder and CEO of Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, an early stage drug development company backed by Life Science Angels and Tech Coast Angels. He was the CMO of Log Savvy which developed the first system able to analyze the huge data streams from diverse sources required to understand Web 2.0 emergent social activity. Prior to Log Savvy, Andre was founder and COO of Chorus (, a group inside Eli Lilly that radically increased the efficiency of Pre-Clinical-Phase II drug development (Chorus runs 15 programs with 29 scientists).

Prior to Chorus, he was the CTO and Senior Vice President of Marketing at Internet Pictures Corp [NASDAQ: IPIX]. iPIX was the world’s largest manager of Internet visual content with partners including Microsoft and Yahoo!. His team created the technology and infrastructure for eBay’s Picture Service. Mr. Marquis was founder and Vice President of Marketing at Emptor (, a Kleiner Perkins, Benchmark Capital backed online payments company that was acquired by Prior to Emptor, he was a member of the initial management team at CyberGold [NASDAQ: CGLD] where he directed marketing strategy and programs for one of the 20 fastest growing sites on the Internet.

Mr. Marquis was a member of Boston-based CommonAngels and a founder of Incubator, LLC, a Berkeley-based business incubator.

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