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Andre Marquis Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum

Andre Marquis is the CEO of Hypershift Systems and Founder of the Innovation Acceleration Group at the University of California Berkeley. Mr. Marquis has a long record of successful startups with a particular focus on winning in markets where scalability is critical. Two companies Mr. Marquis helped start became publicly traded and a third was acquired by Amazon for over $190 million. The Chorus Group at Eli Lilly, which he co-founded, is a significant corporate lean business model innovation that sped up and lowered the cost of drug development by almost an order of magnitude. His most recent startup, Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, raise over $160m and was acquired by Pfizer in 2021.

Andre was the Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship where and his team built a global-scale business model validation process that delivers funded startups and breakthrough product and service innovations for corporations. His Hypershift methodology has scaled to support rigorously testing hundreds of business model innovations per year and delivered breakthrough results to >1,200 teams. Real innovation has a high failure rate and requires testing lots of opportunities (scale) and testing them rigorously (repeatable process). Hypershift delivers all four: acceleration+education+scale+repeatable process and is delivering a consistent pipeline of $100m revenue potential businesses.

Examples include the BOSCH global business model innovation accelerator (>120 teams/year), reality TV show America’s Greatest Makers, Bay Area NSF Innovation Corps, Innovate for Digital India, Berkeley LAUNCH Startup Accelerator (teams raise over $10m yearly) and programs delivered in dozens of countries for governments, universities and companies including Intel, HP, BOSCH, and more. The Hypershift process drives rapid digital transformation and enduring culture change.

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